SCGIS Custom Developments
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Helping you get the most from GIS through bespoke geo-processing tools.  
!New!+  SCGIS - Importer for EDINA Fieldtrip GB and ArcGIS  Download Flyer
Get the most out of EDINA’s Fieldtrip GB App by purchasing our custom toolbox for ArcGIS™ to manage the conversion of your survey data to Esri shapefile & geodatabase formats with a few simple steps.

Designed to integrate closely with Fieldtrip GB & its Dropbox™ folders, this tool helps convert your survey data quickly & efficiently, allowing you more time to focus on data collection & analysis and ultimately helping you deliver a superior GIS product in a fraction of the time.
SCGIS - Importer for EDINA Fieldtrip GB

Free Tools
SCGIS - Espresso Tools for ArcGIS  ... coming soon ...

Do you have a work task or process that you think could be improved?

Over time, SCGIS has developed a range of custom tools to assist in-house processes and to support specific client requirements.  The primary driver for many of these tools' development has been the automation of lengthy or repetitive tasks, which has a number of benefits:
  • creates efficiencies & saves time
  • allows users to focus more on key tasks
  • applies a rigorous approach to processes
  • generates consistency of output
To discuss how we can help maximise your use of GIS through bespoke geo-processing tools or if you have any questions, please contact