Paul Day Peter Smith Matt Powell Kate Aulman Pete Lelliott Dave Rich Miguel Fernández Jane Cawte Bill Brennan SCGIS People
Our team of dedicated professional staff has between them, decades of technical experience relevant to a variety of business sectors for which the handling, analysis and management of geo-spatial data is a primary function.

    Dr. Peter Smith  Director & Geophysical Consultant
    Paul Day  Director & GIS Consultant
    Kate Aulman  GIS Consultant / Project Manager & Training Specialist
    Pete Lelliott  GIS Analyst / Project Manager & Technical Specialist
    Matt Powell  GIS Analyst / Project Manager & Training Specialist
    Dave Rich  GIS Technician
    Miguel Fernández  GIS Technician
    Bill Brennan  Office Manager
    Jane Cawte  Accounts

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SCGIS Associates
Jamie Wood
IT, Graphics &
GIS Specialist
Jamie holds a degree in Architecture from Sheffield University and since then has focussed on graphic design and cartography. He has over ten years experience covering CAD, databases, GIS, networking and web & server technology, drawing on his intuitive computing skills probably developed before being able to walk. Before founding Fe2, Jamie was involved in projects as diverse as archaeological mapping and illustration, design of icons for 3G mobile phone applications, and GIS implementation in archaeology and oil exploration. In addition to his computing skills, Jamie continues to support SCGIS with his comprehensive knowledge of IT, graphics and GIS software, particularly ArcGIS and MapInfo, and the delivery of web-mapping solutions.
Pete Hall
Web Development Specialist
Peter holds a degree in Software Engineering from the University of Brighton, which he has since used as the basis for a ten year career concentrating in web and mobile application development.  Pete has held senior and lead development positions for busy agencies and successful startups, producing a portfolio of work which spans a range of industries, from enterprise to entertainment.  He continues to support SCGIS with their bespoke, online mapping services and website developments.