Making the most of your spatial data assets

Get more from your geo-spatial information; add value to and maximise the potential of your geodata, wherever it is in the world.

SCGIS is a UK-based geographical information consultancy with a global perspective, serving clients with local, national & international interests. With its origins in the late 1990s, our team brings together a range of experience and skills including GIS, surveying & mapping, geodetics, remote sensing, geosciences, graphics, design, software and web developments.

Using our combined knowledge of managing, utilising, packaging and presenting spatial & non-spatial data in a variety of business domains and environments around the world, we apply our resources in a flexible and innovative manner enabling us to match a wide range of clients' requirements.

We work closely with clients to understand requirements, offer support & advice and ultimately to deliver high-quality products & services that meet and often surpass their needs, quickly and efficiently. The services we offer draw on the experience of skilled & dedicated professionals and include:

Geo-Spatial Information Consultancy

  • Requirements Analysis & Reporting; Proposals, Recommendations & Strategy Development; Project Management, QC

Geodetics Support

  • Coordinate System & Transformation Research & Reporting; Data Review & QC; Dataset Transformation & Projection

GIS Support Services

  • Design & Build GIS Projects; Capture, Convert, Integrate, Analyse & Present GIS Datasets and Deliver Integrated GIS Packages

Remote Sensing Consulting Services

  • Design & Build Earth Observation project solutions; Satellite Data Processing, Land Cover Mapping, Change & Feature Detection

Mapping and Cartography

  • Well-Designed Large & Small-scale maps; Presentation-quality Digital and Hard-copy Output; Online web-mapping

Data Services

  • Data Research & Sourcing, Conversion, Loading & QC, Database Analysis & Design, Metadata

Software Supply & Development

  • Esri Partner Network - ArcGIS Licence Supply; Custom GIS, Data Management & Geo-Processing Tools; Python Development

Seismic Data QC & Loading

  • Navigation QC, 2D/3D Loading, Kingdom Project Preparation, Kingdom-GIS Data Exchange